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205 flat

Birds fly high, and live low. They pass over the surface of the water and extend the supply of low water to their lives. Northern birds are wintering and stopping places, and southern birds are breeding grounds, resting their powerful wings on this island. Low water land 205mm flat.

The birds take care of hunger and rest from the serpentine tidal flats. When the shark bird comes, other birds come with it. The expansion of low water completes the coexistence zone of birds and humans with five strategic designs of lagoon, creek, channel, puddle, and cascade. 205 flat is prepared to welcome the daily life of migratory birds. The two islands evolve into a more rational and sustainable habitat cultural space and an educational and ecotourism destination through an ecological and cultural approach. 205 mm Flat as Bird Topophilia is a message addressing the co-existence of human and bird.


wild habitat



South Korea



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