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one park

seven landscapes

The proposed park is a place combined with landscapes of wide-ranging experiences at Expo site's heart. One park is a well integrated living system that enhances expo events as well as community and deepens our connection to nature and everyday-life. The living system has a number of strategies for social, cultural, environmental, economic sustainability.

Seven landscapes offer the moments of delight at park destinations such as art installation, urban farm, learning center, recreational field, entertaining urban activity, neighborhood community, and civic pride. They also embraces the vernacular landscapes(meadow, wetland, hill, forest, lake, canyon) incorporated into architecture and infrastructure.

1. Everyday Park: Residential Gardens and Streetscape

- A place that offers neighborhood activity such as gathering, meeting, walking, gardening, relaxing, etc.


2. Smart Park: Urban Farm and Farmer's Market Square

- A place for productive landscape connecting citizens to farmers and offering spaces for interaction and educating people about the source of their food.

- A place allowing future development of the site after the Expo's period.


3. Gallery Park: Sculpture Garden and Interpretive Center

- A place creating a better connection to the public art experiences.


4. Family Park: Picnic and Play Venues

- A place providing a recreational and entertaining place for children and family to engage with nature such as flower, water, tree and land.

- A place that functions as environmentally sustainable areas for storm water management, vegetation


5. Expo Flying Esplanades

- A place that creates a sense of gateway and accommodating over 50,000 visitors in an informal setting.

- A place serving as a versatile space for seating under tree shades, floral experience, festivals, commemorations, and large events.


6. Energy Hill Park: Outdoor Amphitheater and Spot Garden

- A place providing a rich look at natural landform settings to the Expo Complex and the adjacent urban landscape.

- A place celebrating the energy and beauty of natures and allowing large events including concert, commemorative event, and performance.


7. Expo Iconic Plaza: Cloud Walk and Icon Square

- A place for all seasons where people can enjoy vibrant and dynamic urban life experiences.

- A place offering a safe place for an universal access through the Cloud Walk, and allowing seating, gathering, and outdoor dining experiences.


Urban Design


Astana Kazakhstan



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