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Timeless Ground

롯데 시그니처가든







가장 날 것의 정원, 가장 원초적인 정원, 가장 투박한 정원을 그린다. 돌, 땅, 흙, 바위, 풀, 원형그대로의 것들이 새롭게 들어오고 재편성되는 공간이다. 새로운 도시민의 문화와 취향, 연대와 공유, 멋과 유희가 거칠지만 치밀한 자연의 세팅위에 향유되는 정원이다. 규정되지 않은 공간의 쓰임새를 통해 자유로운 이용자공간을 구성한다. 놀이, 휴식, 문화행위의 새로운 풍경을 자아내는 야생과 도시의 적절한 조합이 눈에 띈다. 시그니처가든으로 출발한 프로젝트는 그린바이그루브라는 자연풍과 도시풍의 새로운 정원언어를 생성하고 새로운 주거공간의 모델정원을 제시한다. ​This rustic iconic garden is an urban garden in our residential block designed as a retreat and vibrant cultural hub. Rooted in bedrock, the stone pathways serve as an open canvas for local artists, carving stories into the geological history of the Earth. Water fountains, emerging from the stone, symbolize time's fluidity and transform the garden into a dynamic gallery, evolving with the seasons. A rustic plant palette, inspired by native flora, harmonizes with the stone and water, deepening the connection to the cyclical nature of life. Sensory experiences abound, from touching weathered stone to listening to the gentle hum of water. Seating areas, crafted from repurposed materials, offer vantage points for observing vibrant cultural activities in the central terrace carved into the bedrock. This garden goes beyond being a retreat; it's a dynamic space for cultural activities. Any spot of the garden becomes a stage for performances, while scattered art installations invite local artists to express the evolving narratives of the community. This garden is a living canvas, fostering unity and pride in the rich cultural tapestry of the community through events, workshops, and interactive installations. In this garden, time, nature, and community converge to create a vibrant and timeless oasis in the heart of the urban landscape.
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